Traveling does not just mean you should only travel, it also includes all the food we would have a taste on, doesn’t it? Street food at Phan Rang is absolutely awesome, one day should not be enough for you to have a taste on all so we would have some personal picks so you can have your own choice, does it sound good?

1/ Rice noodles with fish soup (Bánh canh Phan Rang)

The noodles of this dish is 100% made from rice flour, it doesn’t have any mix with any other kinds of flour like other places. This is the reason why the noodles has a soft, smooth texture, the size is pretty small and easy to pick up by chopsticks but not that tenacious and big like the noodles made from the South Region of Vietnam.
More than that, the fish is cooked with enough degree of sweetness and tenderness, which is then combined with the soup extracted from baked bones and fishes. With a little bit of lemon juice and chilies we ensure that you will leave nothing behind in the bowl. Local people used to eat with Vietnamese bread is also a very good combination.
So where to eat? Since this is a pretty common food so you can find it almost anywhere in town, such as “street food road” Ngo Gia Tu. Only cost you about 1-2$ but the food is truly amazing, right?

Bánh Canh – Rice Noodles with Fish Soup

2/Crab-based Noodle Soup with Snails (Bún Riêu Cua Ốc)

Usually, we only have noodle with pureed crab (Bún Riêu Cua) but here you could have snails (Ốc) mixed in as well. Just think about it, a bowl of noodle covered by fresh pureed crab with a taste of greasiness, but not too much, then combined with a bit of tender meat of snails, it feels like all the most essential things from the sea that has gathered here in just one bowl of noodle.
With snails noodle soup, then comes along with shrimp paste is a must, just a small spoon of it, all the flavor would be way stronger and thicker than ever. For sure that only with one time on having this bowl of noodle, you would love it and that taste would be unforgotten.
Where to eat? The most famous place for Snails Noodle Soup in Phan Rang should be the store that located at 14 Doan Thi Diem, the price is about 2-3$, maybe a bit higher than other food but its worthy. Since the flavor that this store can bring to customers is way unique so they even have a branch at HCM city.

Crab Based Noodle Soup with Snails – Bún Riêu Cua Ốc

3/ Vietnamese sizzling pancakes (Phan Rang Style)/ Banh Xeo – Banh Can

Just like fish bread noodle soup, Banh Xeo is also a very popular food from this province. What’s great from this food is the crunchiness of the outer layer, combined with shrimp or squid, and the unique peanut sauce – a popular sauce in Phan Rang.
Due to some experienced eaters, to have a perfect sauce for dipping the food you need to have all kinds of sauce from peanut sauce, sweet sauce, seasoning sauce, some stores even have their own kind of bland sauce that extracted from baked fish.
Not like Banh Xeo from the West of Vietnam, Banh Xeo from Phan Rang is smaller. It is eaten with fresh vegetables and mango, and with the mixture of sauce! If you want, please have a try with Banh Can as well, we make sure it the flavor is nowhere lower than Banh Xeo.
Where to eat? Since this is a very common food in Phan Rang so you could find it everywhere at Phan Rang and the flavor is pretty much the same. For me, normally I only eat in the stores that is located near my house. One place I could recommend for you is called “Banh Xeo Que Huong” at Ho Ca Cuisine Area 16/4.

Bánh Xèo – Sizzling Pancake

4/ Goat Meat

Ninh Thuan is a place with lots of goat farms with a long history of goat farming. Local people here have deep experiences on how to feed and grow goats so the quality of meat is very high, which also raise its reputation. Besides, local people at Ninh Thuan have their own way of seasoning as well as some unique extra ingredient that could bring out the flavor which make the goat meat at Ninh Thuan is truly amazing and unforgettable.
All the goats here are fed with grass and natural food, so the meat comes after is very fresh and tasty. A very tasty unique dish that you need to try is the goat breast eaten with “chao” (a sauce made from fermented tofu), mixed with a bit of satay. It tastes with the right degree of sweetness, saltiness and spiciness.
Where to eat? There are various of places where you could enjoy this tasty meat but there is one place that’s my favorite is Tai Ky on 21/8 Street, quality here is guaranteed but the price is a bit above average.

Goal Meat – Thịt Dê

5/ Woven Rice Vermicelli – with pork’s organs

This dish is not just popular in some Central Regions but also at Phan Rang. All the restaurants here have their way to make the organs become sterilized to wash out all the smell comes from it, then have this organ with tasty Banh Hoi, then have a small dip with Phan Rang unique fish sauce, all the rest is just perfect!!
Where to eat? To be honest, my mom is the best at this dish!!! For those is not as lucky as me then I would recommend another store could serve the same dish at Phuoc Khanh called Quá, the taste here is comparable with my mom dish, still, I believe my mom dish would be better in the end.

Bánh Hỏi Lòng Heo – Woven Rice Vermicelli with Pork’s organ

6/ Various Dishes of Snails – Ốc các loại

Snails, snails, snails…whoever have a trip to any coastal land in South Central region would find a way to have a taste of seafood and snails. Seafood and snails from Ninh Thuan not only have a wonderful and fresh taste but also provides a unique way of seasoning, that, with an extraordinary diversity combined with special recipe of sauce from local people here, all of that would turn anyone into a fan.
Where to eat? For snails, I prefer to have a seat on any food stall over the street and have a peaceful time with my friends then we can talk and laugh about any old stories that we can come up with. There is a local food stall that used to be my favorite back in the day I was still in high school located on Nguyen Trai street and near Vo Thi Sau High School. When you are already there, don’t forgot to order all the specialties here, such as: wool snails stir fried with coconut’s milk, Cà Na snails stir fried with garlic, etc.
On other hand, you can a visit to any fishing raft at Vinh Hy Bay, there, you could have your own fresh seafood that would be cooked right away after getting caught by local fishermen.

Dishes of Snails – Ốc các loại

Above is just some of my recommendations for you but the cuisine of Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan is still very large and plentiful, for any wishes that you have, you can find them here. That’s why you should spend at least 1 day for just walking around have a try on every food that found, I wish you a best trip ever.